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Brokerage of Support & Services

We provide this crucial service aimed at facilitating and managing the provision of targeted supports and services for individuals under the NDIS or other support schemes


What is covered

Tailored Service Matching: This service involves identifying and connecting individuals with the most appropriate services and support providers that align with their unique needs, goals, and preferences. It takes into account the individual’s specific requirements and ensures that the selected services are best suited to help them achieve their objectives.

Negotiation and Management of Service Agreements: An integral part of brokerage is negotiating terms and managing agreements with service providers on behalf of the individual. This includes discussing rates, service delivery parameters, and ensuring that agreements meet the client’s needs and budget. It aims to secure favorable terms and conditions that are in the best interest of the individual.

Quality Assurance and Provider Vetting: To ensure high standards of service, this aspect covers the vetting of service providers for quality, reliability, and suitability. It involves conducting checks and balances to ensure that providers are capable of delivering the agreed-upon services to the required standards, thereby ensuring peace of mind for the individuals receiving the services.

Financial Management Support: Brokerage services often include support with financial management, such as overseeing the allocation and expenditure of funds allocated for support and services. This ensures that individuals’ budgets are used effectively and efficiently, maximizing the benefits derived from their funding.

Ongoing Support and Liaison: A continuous relationship is maintained with both the individual and service providers to facilitate smooth service delivery. This includes acting as a liaison to resolve any issues that arise, making adjustments to services as needed, and providing ongoing support to ensure that the individual’s needs continue to be met over time.

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