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Connecting NDIS & other Supports

Primecare Support Coordination assists individuals in connecting to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and other relevant support services. This is a vital service designed to facilitate access to necessary resources for individuals with disabilities.

What is covered

Personalized NDIS Plan Guidance: This service offers detailed assistance in understanding the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan, ensuring individuals are aware of their entitlements and the variety of supports available to them. It involves helping clients to interpret the specifics of their NDIS plans and advising on how best to utilize the funds to meet their unique needs.

Support Coordination and Advocacy: The service includes advocating for the client’s needs and preferences with service providers and the NDIS itself. It also involves coordinating various supports to ensure they work together effectively, thereby offering a seamless support experience that is tailored to the individual’s life goals and aspirations.

Streamlined Process Navigation: Understanding and navigating the NDIS can be complex. This service simplifies the process by assisting with paperwork, applications, and renewals, making sure that accessing and maintaining NDIS funding is as straightforward as possible for the client.

Access to a Broad Range of Services: By providing connections to a wide array of services, both within and outside the NDIS framework, the service ensures that individuals can access the supports they require. This includes therapeutic supports, community services, educational programs, and any other relevant services that contribute to the individual’s goals and well-being.

Ongoing Review and Adjustment Support: As individuals’ needs and circumstances change, their NDIS plans may need to be adjusted. This service includes providing support for plan reviews, ensuring that clients continue to receive the appropriate level of support as their requirements evolve.

Protem Support Coordination

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